Video: Hitler Finds Out about his NS Recognition Award

Hitler Finds Out about his NS Recognition Award from mrbrown on Vimeo.

Update: the Youtube version was nuked by the Copyright Content-ID system so I am hosting it somewhere else. Please hang on and sorry for the inconvenience.

Not only our lau peng are affected by the NS Award qualifying criteria!


This video is a parody of Downfall (2004), directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, and because it is a parody it falls under the FAIR USE guidelines of United State copyright laws. This statement functions as attribution.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

30 Responses to “Video: Hitler Finds Out about his NS Recognition Award”

  1. Xv... Says:

    nice one. er.. mrbrown. it would be better if u make the words into sound =)

  2. lol Says:

    freaking funny!!

  3. Dro Says:

    You had me at ninja van.

  4. Jiorei Says:

    That’s hilarious!

  5. nicholas Says:

    Wah Lau !

    We are not alone, man !

    It would be BEST if dubbed in Hokkien with all the Colourful Army’s Words. I know that my Talk is Cheap. Just a tot and suggestion.

  6. LOL Says:

    funny man!!!! he got say for flood also sia

  7. Michael Says:

    well you get a 3x thumbs down for this one….
    for starters this scene has been (ab)used so many times in a similar manner (ERP, Nikon etc), so it is nothing new anymore… in fact one could say this is plagiarism
    further it is done bad… as mentioned by others the words dont match…
    lastly using one of the biggest mass murderers (Stalin being the other one) of all time for such a profane thing is bad taste at best… offending and insensitive for sure…
    i expected more of you… and some have beaten you with an more adequate song… go search youtube

  8. Michael Says:

    delete the last sentence about youtube… realised is yours… now that is much better

  9. David Bong Says:

    Damn nice and funny! you did it again. Must be one of the best so far!!!!
    I really misses Ninja Van. Uncle still around??? I always have my breakfast from him.
    I am into the humor not details or whatsoever mass murderer.

  10. Sta Lin Says:

    hey that guy Hitler was in my section!

  11. dawo5010 Says:

    Freaking awesome!
    “I’m a half-man because i lost my testicle!”

  12. ZR Says:

    I made him nice night snack. LOL!

  13. 15th's(: Says:

    Mr Brown,
    That’s a nice one (:
    Your Loyal Fan ,

  14. Yuhin Says:

    funny with the ninja van and the one-ball Hitler due to army. Too bad he lost “girlfriend” to his archrival, Stalin

  15. Joo Kwang Says:

    A great production! Mr. Brown, this one had me rolling on the floor.

  16. Ah Tan Says:

    IT”S NOT THERE ANYMORE! Pls upload it again pls…

  17. Bil Says:

    Don’t cry for me ‘Argentina’ - long ROD soldiers. The Elephants cried at the Singapore Zoosss.. when they here the ’speech’. Thought it was refering to Old elephants… and break into laughers - now the Lao-Pane is treated like them - got companion now ~~~ chin cha ho :) cheng hu chin kong pane

  18. riceblade Says:

    Hey Mr.Brown I really thought this was good i understood everything EXCEPT the ninja van…im sorry. i guess although i ORDed, im not Lao Jiao Peng enuff to understand what a ninja van is. could someone explain wad a ninja van is? To all getting the 9000 (i will get it even though i will never be able to use it) and to all who dont get the money cause they ROD, all the best….its actually about the same…i dont think most of us will be able to use the money anyway. I rarely post but this one really made me feel like giving my comments.

  19. mb Says:

    @riceblade: ninja van is a (usually unlicensed) mobile canteen operated by enterprising uncles and aunties who somehow know where soldiers will turn up for exercises. Their mysterious powers of stealth and foresight is why we call their vehicles Ninja Vans.

    When you are in the middle of a godforsaken exercise area, dying of heat and sick of combat rations, the Ninja Van with its supply of cold canned drinks, junk food, and beehoon is like seeing an oasis.

  20. Dr Chan Says:

    Good one.

  21. gamars Says:

    Come out with a hokkien version leh …

  22. lim kopi Says:

    Please re-post on youtube.

    Challenging a YouTube Take Down with Fair Use:

  23. Drofnats Says:

    nice one. anyway guys ninja van is a van that sells food. it drives around one.

    called ninja cas it sell food at one location, can pack and go another location and sell. its mobile

  24. ron Says:

    Great Job!

    I laughed till I found my other ball!!

    Ha! ha! ha!

  25. cy Says:

    gosh i LMAO!!

  26. luacs1998 Says:

    can you let us download the video?

  27. Hitler Says:

    Err…I found my other ball in the toilets but…let’s not talk about it.

  28. Another Lau peng Says:

    Hey Mr Brown,

    This is very good and uniquely Singapore. I can’t imagine the amount of work you have put into this one and also the rest which are also very funny and smart. Appreciate it.

    I should give thanks more often and am going through every one. Very entertaining. Always leave the site with a very good mood. Thanks again.

  29. alfiesaden Says:

    hi there - is it just me !! can any one explain why when i type in the yahoo browser “” i get a different site yet whe i type it in google its ok? could this be a bug in my system or is any one else having same probs ?

  30. Justin Tan Wen Cong Says:

    The Vimeo page I cannot access already so I need to get a new computer. Thanks.

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