the mrbrown show: net happiness MUSIC VIDEO!

Complete with happy lyrics for your singing pleasure (though don’t expect TOTALLY happy lyrics).

18 Responses to “the mrbrown show: net happiness MUSIC VIDEO!”

  1. jojolyn Says:

    awesome! (:

  2. stevechen Says:


  3. stan Says:

    it’s funny when you search for net happiness on google. 0 result came out but when you search for total happiness. tons of results. So are we being lied to again?

  4. EnjoyIt Says:

    Watch it 3 times…well done !

  5. HappyMeal Says:

    PAP very very happy + Lesser Mortals unhappy = NET HAPPINESS!!

    => happiness of PAP outweighs unhappiness of lesser mortals.

  6. pigcanfly Says:

    I think he meant weighted happiness lah. lesser mortals carried the weight of tends to 0 while MIW assigned the weight of infinity. NET Happiness is infinity.
    Awesome work!!! Mr Brown
    Awful Theroy!! MIW

  7. legionx Says:

    If anyone believes that 20% of people in the world own 80% of the wealth and the remaining 80% owns 20% of wealth, then in SG 20% have should have total happiness on this topic. these 20% cannot buy HDB anyway.

    Now comes the tricky part. we just need 63% of the 80% to be unhappy and we’ve got more than 50% of population to stand up. let’s see how many more rounds of net happiness they can get.

  8. adelinelovesmrbrown&gang Says:

    I don’t buy into his NET HAPPINESS! Stunned me when i 1st heard him on tv. Soon gahmen will update Wikipedia and teach the world about net happiness!

    Me different from net-happiness-man. Me totally happy visiting mrbrownshow and listening to all the creations you guys came up with! Where got net happiness when it comes to you guys!??!

  9. MGSPW Says:

    so net happiness is at the expense of us lower class people’s suffering and struggle to live? this is OUR life, not some statistics. I won’t be surprised if this silent resentment in every singaporeans burst out anytime soon.

  10. hello1 Says:

    you should use autotune on SM Goh’s voice hahaha

  11. k Says:

    isnt it NETT happiness instead of net happiness?

  12. David Says:

    Cant stop laughing! Well crafted! Suppose SM doesnt need to worry about upgrade or getting a place he wants. He DOES have total happiness!

  13. goodmeat Says:

    another case of the happy gets happier and the unhappy gets unhappier

  14. Unhappy Says:

    WAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!! how c*ck can you be, come out with all sorts of ridiculous words ?

  15. ginger Says:

    i love you mr brown!

  16. Ian Says:

    @pigcanfly - *like* i have total happiness listening to brown and gang too..

    @ david - he doesnt have total happiness. he aint gonna be happy when he sees these posts, but all else he’s happy so he has net happiness and the policy was good =P

  17. VoteOpposition Says:

    Another song… Can’t Buy This …

    like the 90’s Hammer rapper…

    Cannot buy HDB and Woody Goh’s ideas…

  18. VFKK Says:

    Happy that WP wins Aljunied GRC + Unhappy that Potong Pasir lost + Happy that all of the WP had 40% or more of the votes of the places they contested + Unhappy that TPL is an MP (what the hell) = Net Happiness

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