the mrbrown show: one party

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Is there only be One Way for Singapore?

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 7 April 2011: one party
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27 Responses to “the mrbrown show: one party”

  1. angie Says:

    love it! you guys are so TALENTED. why aren’t you in politics?

  2. Friday Says:

    Partying Partying YEA! fun fun fun fun

  3. mrkiasu Says:

    1ST here….yah…

  4. WevHez Says:

    Nailed it

  5. Gerry Mander Says:

    “Chosen one must have back door”

    Woooohooo nice.

    We should look to clone our most talented leaders, but uhmm hang on, then they will no unique no more like our great MM.

  6. obt Says:

    Suggest send to PAP ask them make this their official campaign song……

  7. Yuhin Says:

    More uploads as the election things heat up… very great! Do one for the “army skirt” or the “maid carry bag for NSman” incidents PLEASE…

  8. MGSPW Says:

    there wasn’t enough talent to perform two shows?

    rofl. awesome as always mb. keep it up. =)

    awesome as always mb. keep it up.

    and once we thought of having two mr brown shows, it was decided that


  9. Ah Tiang Says:

    Say this also they say. Say that also they say.

    Power larx Mr Brown. Got the lyrics?

  10. Hougang Voter Says:

    Actually what PM said may be correct. There is not enough talents in our tiny island. And assuming all those so-called talents joined PAP, then Opp would be a bunch of political wannabes. So we shld not vote for them. And PM also said in his reply to NUS student staying in Hougang (not me) that we shld vote PAP so that we will get priority on upgrading, etc. But if there is only one party really capable of ruling this country, then it clearly showed that the elections is a waste of money and resources. Why dun PAP just rule SG forever, save the campaign money and reduce our taxes, and throw a dice to see who gets priority to the next upgrading. I can only think of one only fair outcome of an election is everyone, including those foreigners gets a public holiday for free and at the same time.

  11. KsterK Says:

    1 Party
    2 MaTi
    Rulez Singapore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So now, we have 2 Lees in Gahment, can we have
    One Big Party, Aft the 2 Mati. Yeahz, Rulezzzz Singapore

  12. Sandra Says:

    LOL i love Mr Brown Show (and i’m not even Singaporean…)
    I’m actually studying Singaporean politics (along with the rest of SEAsia) right now and have to write a paper on it soon. I love listening to you guys and listening to some of the local take on Singaporean politics.

    p.s. you guys have a great voice too v. nice singing!

  13. Adrian Says:

    How come nowadays no local news on citizens spoted feeding (p…uts) to monkeys near the nature reserves. Sometimes I wonder what they do in the reserves after coming out to eat.

  14. Anonymous Coward Says:


  15. footballfan Says:

    May I know what song is this podcast based on? Thanks.

  16. Maign Says:

    See Bei Song!

  17. exowraith Says:

    HAHAHA Awesome.

    Much better than the resing of Home

  18. ''ZORRO LIM'' Says:

  19. Han Says:


  20. Gojincota Says:

    can you make a podcast about a foreigner who comes to study here tries act like kiasu(epic fail) and is a teacher’s pet (dog) who bootlicks a teacher (we hate her the most) and still has the cheek to say he hates her behind her back

  21. Daryl Says:

    @Angie - it takes a kind of person to run a country, another to point out the flaws. Your sarcasm is not warranted.

  22. janosbrownx Says:

    here are the lyrics I think fyi:

    We’ve had one party from the start
    One place to shop one minimart
    Now we want to see a fight some say we itchy backside
    To parties or may be more good or bad for singapore

    So scary so worry never try before
    Cry father cry mother the sky will fall
    chosen ones must have backdoor we should let them win it all
    One party can’t mati rule singapore

    PM say talent hard to find
    Our ministers are damn one kind
    They’re unique, no other man understand their master plan
    The special can duplicate their nosiness made us great

    one government one 18 one lee kuan yew
    it’s the best configuration for me and you
    no one else is good enough no one else get so much love
    one party can’t mati rule singapore

    No scary no worry same as before
    everybody do the same thing don’t ask for more
    they alone have seen the light they know best they’re pure and white
    One party can’t mati rule singapore


    Anyone like the lyrics so far?

  23. Lindy Says:

    Hi guys,

    Please check out my new blog

    I’m a newbie to blogging so any advice welcomed. :))

  24. R Says:

    Denmark 5,560,628
    Finland 5,382,040
    Singapore population 5,076,700
    Norway 4,935,200
    New Zealand population 4,393,500

    Other countries of similar population have multi-party democracy.

  25. S Says:

    Countries with comparable populations are smaller than us.

    Unlike us, they are more homogeneous, and do not have the geopolitical threats which we do and cannot openly explain tactfully.

    Neither are they Asians, with attendant ills and strengths.

    Must be objective mah.

  26. Sean Says:

    What so funny about that??? Can you replace the word “itchy backside” in this song with “we must try harder”

  27. Sean Says:

    It sounds GREAT although there must be less Singlish and SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH ((: No Ah Beng talks PLEASE…

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