the mrbrown show: the other men in white

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Singapore gets a new kind of party!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 14 April 2011: the other men in white
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20 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the other men in white”

  1. cedge Says:

    Lmfao, A+
    “PAPP, balls to you!”

  2. Shanta Says:


  3. AJ Says:

    ‘On the weekends, for fun I do brain surgery’ LOL

  4. Lucas Says:

    Meh… it was just meh

  5. nebula Says:

    PAPP!!! haha

  6. Ashleigh Says:

    LOL.. the humble cloud! Really good one from you mr brown!

  7. Yuhin Says:

    More 3 corner fights…but won’t they disperse the “pro-gahmen” voters and give opposition more chance…

  8. janosbrownx Says:

    sa ka king! PAPP? not funny but sa ka king damn funny !
    balls to you? BG Lim xian long?!?
    proposition? manifesto is the same
    wa eyesight so good?
    haha even better that they say they teok the opposition…

  9. Ah Tiang Says:

    BG at 27 yrs old?

  10. BTU Says:

    MG, Putu, FMH and Tin, balls to you.

  11. MOthers Day Gif Says:

    If you think about it, all anyone has to do(and this can be independents not necessarily opp groups) is to get really fantastic, rich, educated and fairly known group of people to form their own GRC candidates and fight with the PM”S . If he looses, well he won’t be PM anymore right. lol

  12. Anonymous Says:

    LOL… Indirectly at TPL.

  13. Weiteck Says:

    Well, Our PM keep saying 2 parties system don’t work.
    but i belive when a country reach certain level of political maturity, a single party system will not be a good representation of the population’s view.

    I suggest a Tripartisan system, we can have 3 main factors.
    but my view is that 2 parties plus a third part make up of independent candidates (voted in, not NMP).

    even if an independent candidates is a stay-home housewife with 2 kids and aging parents, she can present actual life occurances in parliment, that is good for us all!

    Must a MP be a scholar? from civil service? BG?
    Must wear white?

    i am a messy eater, hence i usually don’t wear white shirt….scare eat Mee Rebus, kana dirty
    some ppl love wear white shirt but when their white shirt turn yellow, they don’t see the stain…….must be they “long-sighted” having great vision, then blind to things around….they anyhow eat & shit, not just dirty themselves, also make ppl around them suffer…

    I think Blue polo-t, not bad. i wear that go kopitam eat Hokkian Mee, i can match with shorts & slippers…

    Red polo-t, a bit loud…..but X’mas & Chinese New Year can wear lah…Santa Claus & God of Fortune……

  14. anon Says:

    cupping firmly, lifting higher!

  15. why got this type of ppl??? haolian to the extreme.. - Page 9 - BMW-SG - The BMW Singapore Community Says:

    […] Re: why got this type of ppl??? haolian to the extreme.. PAPP candidate lagi hao lian……. the mrbrown show Blog Archive the mrbrown show: the other men in white __________________ […]

  16. Kan Says:

    Lol humility… then spout out all his achievements! Irony indeed.

  17. kb Says:

    one of your best ones yet, mrbrownshow team. :) a true gem of a podcast. very intellectually-stimulating yet hilarious at the same time.

  18. Evan Says:


  19. PercyPeterWhatevur Says:

    Brain surgery during the weekend for fun? Does anyone think this is unnverving but me?!

  20. park hong lim Says:

    I think mr brown is trying to educate us tat some opposition may b faked n r moles planted by pap…they work to sabo the real actual ones like WP n the poor mr chiam, whom in pap perspectives, could stand a chance to win.

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