the mrbrown show: politician training school

Photo by Wildcat Dunny

Candidates for the coming election go for some special training.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 21 April 2011: politician training school
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27 Responses to “the mrbrown show: politician training school”

  1. stizel Says:

    Best! Know when to get hard!!!

  2. ahmad Says:

    Expert in Lanfang Republic…hahahaha!

  3. sillyporean Says:

    Expert in Lum-fang republic - hahaha

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  5. quietobserver Says:

    simi lanfang! hahaha!

  6. bolanpa (pronouce as Boh Len Pei) Says:

    In politics, to stand out, you must have special features. Look carefully. You will understand what I mean (after cooling period of course)

    1) There is one with a super sharp nose. It will help him smell the ground better. This is call keep in touch. Big nose is definitely a plus. The pure ang mo slang is a stamp of pedigree. The ang mo slang will put Singapore higher - on par with genuine, original ang mo, at least in slang. Other countries will be scared. Singapore will swell to first world slang. Our stature will go higher, for sure. SIA will become ESIA - English Singapore Airline. Full of english air - ang mo flavour.

    2) There is one with super sharp tongue and speak wth vile, plus PhD. He is neutered, as was reported. This proves to the world that a eunuch can also talk politics. No need balls. Just talk and you will get noticed. What will be cut next? I wonder. Democracy don’t need balls. You can function without balls. For sure.

    3) There is one whose spectacles are so round it covers a huge area of the face. He is a American trained, and in law. The specs is his manifying glass. He can see every detail. No wonder he is the secret weapon - he can see what others can’t. Forget his face, forget his speech, but you will remember his specs. It’s an open secret.

    4) There is one who wears shining orange with the name sounding like ‘Can Soon’. The shirt is so tight fitting that all the bobs, lipids, rotundity, roundness and fats protrude. May be he is trying to prove that belt tightening is the best policy. One man wear half a shirt so that the balance cloth can be used for another. This man if voted in will in very frugal budget planning. Our reserves will last twice it’s worth. Lift upgrading will be every two floors one lift. Housing grant will be $30,000 per house,not $60,000. This will spread the wealth better. See - dress correctly. The image will be correctly protrayed. Ugly fats, lipids, rotundity and roundness are no issue.

    5) There is one with a seng-get face and stoop forward in gait. This shows that he has wide composite all round vision and is forthcoming. It exudes warmth and forthrighteous. Looks like tortoise standing upright and a hump at the back. Tortoise has long life and if voted in will serve with longetivity. This is subtle slogan. Clever!

    6) There is one who failed maths but no matter. ‘F’ can stand for “Fashionable”. ‘F’ = f(u),where is u = unfulfilled. If unfulfilled is a constant, then there are no derivatives. So, if voted in, maths will be abolished. Hey presto, students will be less taxed. It will lead to a less pressured school life. Then 10 cents will be more than 1 dollar because “1″ compared to “10″ has one less zero. Hence the conclusion. Why study maths when you can do without or even face failure. Stand up and be counted - 1, 2, 4, 3, 5, 7, 6, 9, 12, 10 (sequence is not important in freestyle maths - just make sure ‘kena’ will do). See,if you have freestyle numbers, you can even win toto - why should you be poor just to follow sequence? Think out of the box(es)!

    7) There is one lady below thirty who has served some 7 years as understudy. Coffee shop make money never say but talk as though only a coffee shop assistant. She is boss daughter, don’t forget. She has courage, commitment, compulsion, comprehension and concomittance. The 5′C”’s of Singaporeans’ dream. Voted for her. You will get your 5″C”s. - CCCCC- See Ka liaw.

    8) There is one who took pictures of himself in the nude - called art - by the maid. May be the rest of the album never publish. This means same - only half exposed. Everything will be in half if voted in. Half price flats, half price transport, half side of truth. Why know more when half is enough? After all, backside got two halves (equals one right?). Why bother about the frontal half? So long as half + half = one, you get full marks. No need to be nosy. Back door is more acceptable.

    And so the above are just some outstanding features of outstandiing candidates. First world parliament is not enough. May be outstandiing is better! This is alternative insurance?!

  7. bolanpa (pronouce as Boh Len Pei) Says:

    For those who have not read the above message carefull, please read again. A brain works better if worked upon. Else a brain will drain. This is a type of brain drain!

  8. Griffin Says:

    MG CSC just got himself a free backdoor pass to parliament, so is TPL.
    Let’s prove that we Singaporeans can tear this door down!

  9. perspective Says:

    Hi Mr. Brown,
    Enjoyed all your productions.
    Does it make sense for you to produce one on “Staring down the competition….”"?

    Best Wishes

  10. doggie Says:

    Great, but there is something wrong with the download file. Only got the intro, just like the one before………..

  11. seagull Says:

    Good job Mr Brown. Most hilarious. Ever thought of starting THE MR
    BROWN Party ? I am sure you will have many supporters.

    Good day.

  12. samwize Says:

    MG CSC style is actually copying mr brown’s, to attract.

  13. Yuhin Says:

    Love the starfish analogy…

  14. Michael Says:

    Si Bei Suay like Lim Swee Say . . . ha ha ha ha

    you suck my nei I suck yours too . . . .

    Cupping firmer lifting higher . . .

    classic Mr Brown :-)

  15. Lindy Says:

    Please visit my new bloy

    I’m a newbie to this so any advice welcomed! :)

  16. Jason Says:

    HAHAHA bloody funny!

    Brown, if you need better ang-moh hao-lian accent from the UK one, next time I help you. I study UK one, after 3 years can pull it off hahaha

  17. wei Says:

    hokkien ninja strikes again. more hokkien ftw!

  18. decent Says:

    Hey Mr Brown
    Since polling day is just around the corner, I am eagerly waiting for your persasity nor-polical…non-polical persersis … wow damn hard to pronounce…persistently non-political podcast…hey got it right finally…..LOL

  19. decent Says:

    Suggest that you should create a “Classic” tab under Categories and those famous podcasts under this category. How to differentiate …perhaps those podcasts with more than 100 comments should be consider classic…the my hump, BCM II…etc

  20. notanotherspinstory Says:

    “you suck my neh I suck for you” ROFL!

  21. notanotherspinstory Says:

    F**king stupid, man. I couldn’t bear to listen to his crap speech.
    BTW, Lanfang Republic came from his speech.

  22. 3SG salve Says:

    this lanfang republic expert with many “style” also came from cambridge, MIT!

    Having served under this “star”, I share the same sentiments as the chief of armscot.

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  24. kazuo Says:

    This starfish is a real cultural embarrassment. One boatman who stands at the rear not enough, you get another. Now, this Hokkien peng. All of a sudden, i see alot of ah peng kia become indian chiefs leh. Why ah?

  25. leafyoung Says:

    Why iTunes says this Podcast is not available to Singapore subscribers?

  26. fynyx Says:

    mrbrown your MP3 should be dated 110421, not 140421.
    We wouldn’t want to wait 3 more years to hear this!

  27. Arron Says:

    hahaha i like the soft carrot to hard carrot! it’s so army!

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