the mrbrown show: gee ahruh see MUSIC VIDEO

Music video with karaoke lyrics for your singing pleasure! To be enjoyed even on Cooling Off Day!

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  1. snsdfan Says:

    make one Mr. Taxi parody please

  2. The mrbrown Show: Meet New People Also Cannot Meh? — Singapore Actually Says:

    […] Loving this new music video from the mrbrown show. His political satire is the best. There’s one verse in particular that’s spot on: We so long go steady I know how much you’ve done for me, Baby But I sian already Now I want to go other party Meet new people also cannot meh?Share this:Share […]

  3. bookjunkie Says:

    totally awesome!!! Sian indeed ;-)

  4. Yuhin Says:

    I agree with snsdfan, you can base it from the WP “driver”analogy too…

  5. Kenneth Says:

    hey! As we near the Polling Day, not a taxi leow. More like BUS or even MRT (nowadays feel like a auto-pilot train)!

  6. denzuko1 Says:

    Love the part”slap slap slap slap slap”

  7. malofan Says:

    Is there a song lyrics , PLEase share

  8. malofan Says:





  9. anonymous Says:

    Take a look at this video - Was opposition 35 seconds late?

  10. Telesible Says:

    Haha another great MV. BTW ur mom is a great art teacher at my sch ! She told me that she did not watch your show for some reasons. You should show her your talent and make her proud….

  11. ryan Says:

    how to download the video?

  12. Shawn Says:

    Hey Yo! Mr Brown!

    Will there be a series of persistently non-political podcast this time? I was a great fan of that series back in 2006 when i was only 16years old!

  13. Pinnacle Says:

    Good one lar deh!

  14. Conway Says:

    Who’s “Tiong Tiong” mentioned at the end?

  15. Michelle Says:

    Really cool!!

    and the female who sang the bridge part of the song was really funny!! NICE ONE!!

  16. janosbrownx Says:

    yeah really sian especially why go and use the original for?? not fun sia I prefer the mrbrown who has an electric guitar and able to play some rock song too. Come on mr brown go and make a rocked up parody of this song will you

  17. janosbrownx Says:

    come on mr brown why don’t you use some rock and drums? All your songs used are really very ordinary and then not nice to listen to after a while. So make up some good music of your own so that we can all enjoy the rock that you’re playing and at the very least try and do a guitar solo in any rocked up parody that you made…

  18. Voicetoheard Says:

    Nice job yet again^^

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