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Show us your ministerial paycut! King Need New Bird Cheap Can Be!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 28 May 2011: paycut
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  1. Pay cutter Says:

    Paycut should be conspicuous.
    1) For example, a lady MP should cut the head botak to show the greatest symbolism that after cutting there is nothing else to cut. 2) Likewise, the male MP’s should cut their pants so short that only the bulging parts are covered. This shows that the cut is deep and not shallow.
    3) For opposition MP’s none of them should be paid. Because they siad they want to serve. Afterall, the MP allowance is peanuts to big time corporate lawyers and a lawyer wanna be.
    4) To show austerity they should eat only plucked sweet potatoes. This is to show that there is fighting spirit even when things are plentiful.
    5) Come out with popular slogans. E.g. Cut the butt, butt the cut.
    6) Cut down on precious resources e.g. give less speeches. Talk less is better than talk cock. Can also explain as “No money no talk”. Silence is golden
    7) Then after 5 years, campaign on bare feet. This is perfect cut. Let the feet do the talking. See who wins.
    8) More suggestions later. I also must cut my words. Cut Cut Cut!!:)

  2. Pay cutter Says:

    On hindsight don’t cut also can. How canthe best be paid the worst? The best is to practice reverse income taxation. This is to say, pay and collect $1,000,000. No problem. Just donate back $999,999 to charity. In this way, big pay is big help. Show by example what real servce is. If MRT can be sold to SMRT for $1, why can’t others emulate? SMRT is for the public and it leads the way.

  3. No 1 Ah Beng Says:

    Paycutter, why shouldn’t opposition MPs get paid? PAP or WP, MPs are to serve the people.
    Btw, calling it opposition is so wrong. Those are different parties not opposition parties. In US, there are Democratic and Republican parties. In UK, there are the Labour, Liberal Democrats, etc parties. To have a fair political system in Singapore, that is probably the first thing that needs to be changed.
    There is nothing wrong with having different parties in politics.

  4. Notorion Says:

    roflmao # Pay cutter comments but the sad thing is there actually is some sense to the extreme “measures”, infact there really are some world renown political figures that did just that

  5. faa Says:

    Hahah! Is this an original song?

  6. Rolling Woods Says:

    Wow, what an ingenious way to disguise the ever notorious acronym of KNNBCCB with a bird! lol….. can’t stand you guys.

  7. Michelle Says:

    OMG, is the tune not from that promote Malaysia song by malaysia’s Rebecca black??

  8. Pay cutter Says:

    To the respondents to my posting on pay cut. This is a non political discussion because all discussions were completed during the elections.

    The new movement is:-

    1) Question: Why must the opposition not be paid?

    Answer: Because they should lead by example. Look at
    Ghandi. He was a well to do lawyer. He chose instead to
    spin yarn. He was not paid any perdium. Finally he
    became Prime Minister. So, not be paid at all will
    eventually lead to prime ministership. This is out of the
    box thinking (not so out of box anyway).
    Short term sacrifice long term gain. True humility. If
    one can walk out from Hougang, why can’t another
    walk out to spin yarn? (May already planned this way,
    we don’t know)

    2) Question: Why is million dollar pay such an issue?

    Answer: Pay peanuts and you get monkeys. Pay more get
    Chimpanzees (Non Supporting Chimps complain loudly
    and louder). One way not to be seen as taking more tax
    payer money is for ministers to be head of some private
    companies e.g. Coffeeshop chains. In this way, money
    comes from the drinkers not the tax payers. Same
    thing still get paid. Win-win. Think out of the box.

    3) Question: Why should a woman not be a top minister?

    Answer: Because she will finally lose. And lose big (40% plus only
    as per real results). Like Toto, buy big lose big. (How
    many really buy big win big?)

    Simple. Look at the girlfriends around you. Which one
    is not petty? If you have a woman boss, she treats you
    like her outside husband - always nag and nag, always
    suspicious, always asking where you are, always
    wanting to cry on a shoulder. Even toilet paper ask you
    where is it? How many pieces have you used? Etc.

    She will not stand still, or sit still, or lie still even if she
    just imagine there is another woman. Even when you
    are in the course of intimacy she will also pop the
    question. Total lost of brain power and focus.

    Take promotion as example. If a girlfriend (MP) is
    promoted to wife (Minister), the woman turns colour -
    from lovely pink to unlovely black (face). And she
    remembers all the ills, even if commited unwittingly.

    So, look at the front runner oppostion - man in front,
    woman at the back. But her pervasive influence is all
    over - in speeches made by the man, in the betterment
    of English command by the Chinese “helicopter” educated
    man. So, the best is for woman to remain as girlfriends
    (MP) and not wife (ministers ). See what happned. All
    those woman voted out are Ministers (S.A.M and lately
    another). Facts tell. They don’t lie. I mean no harm but
    really, facts tell.

    4) Question: Any successful woman top ministers who last very

    Answer: Yes. Look at Sonia Ghandi. She is chief of Congress
    Party. She puts someone else as prime minister. But de
    facto she is the PM. She is the long and short shadow of a
    PM. A smart woman controls from behind. That’s
    where she has the biggest power. Perhaps, a country
    should have a Minister of Shadow. In this way, a lady
    can hold top political office and still not be defeated.

    Finally, let me say that I am not baseless partial side taker. I state facts based on some segments of the population. And as a constructive input no less so that we can be better governed.

    The other segments can have their own say. Nobody is totally wrong. Or totally right. But some segments do have something to say, like mine. Thanks for reading. Look around your work place, your home, everywhere. Test my analyses against facts. See the conclusion yourself. :)

  9. Pay cutter Says:

    Slogan for now: Towards a first world parliament.

    Slogan for next election: Cut your way to the Top.

    Also possible: Towards a free parliament.

    Another possibility: Towards a free world parliament.

    All very soulful. Very catchy:) Wow the Brown:) (Hail Mr Brown)

  10. rodney777 Says:

    [Pay-cut] Its a matter of decent pay vs excessive pay. Is More Peanuts = Better Monkeys, More Money = Better Talents ?

    Please view the meaningful Tedtalk video here —>

  11. Yuhin Says:

    MPs have 2 choices: A) Cut their pay reasonably. OR B) Raise all our pays in $15k…

  12. Pay cutter Says:

    :) To all the further respondents to my commentaries. Thanks for the feedback. I have been thinking a lot on how to contribute even more usefully, by thinking out of the box. Remember Eureka? Archimedes was bathing and he formulated the equation density = mass / volume by thinking out of the box. So I am inspired.

    The following are the gist (out of box thinking):-

    1) Actually public service need not be life long. Just a few years will do. So, even if there is pay cut, there is no need to worry. After a few years return to the professions. Still will earn back the money. Look at the Army. People come and go. But now it is 3G, coming to 4G. Political office is also the same. Come and go. Afterall, everyone says it’s a privilege to serve. How can a privilege be foreever? Think.

    2) Come to think of it, there is some numerology in the works. Now the opposition has 9, which is 7 (winners)+2 (losers). 1 (LTK) is a constant. So, if you buy 9721, you have a chance. Somemore. 7 is a not so nice number because if someone pass away, the spirit will come back on the 7th day. Ghostly. Ghost month also 7th month. It is a haunting parliament. What about 9? 9 = ‘dog’ in Hokkien. Again it’s not good sign. WP = Want Promotion? (no pun but just a daunting thought). Want = 4 letters, Promotion = 9. Total 9 + 4 = 13 (what a number!!!). So again the fengshui aspect is haunting and daunting. Just wondering is 6 + 3 = 9 is better or 1 + 8 = 9 is better. If not all 9 is the best. Just wondering if fengshui can be better for all.

    3) Finally on man and woman again. If history tells a story, when Empress Dowager ruled the country, she used the Navy’s money to build the Summer Palace. Foreigners can invade for they want or destroy Yuan Ming Yuan. And the country went down. So one way to give chance to other parties is to put some non male candidates for selection and then lose also no problem. But keep a talented high post person in other wards. In this way, its like losing a pawn and winning a knight. Looks good overall. Good move.

    I say the above based on facts, no less. The implications are seen in the results. No offence or pun intended. :) Everyone is entitled to its opinion and all are right.

  13. Pay cutter Says:

    The more I think about it the more I am convinced that the President should be a woman.


    1) Look at the family. Usually the man will earn the money and the housewife is given the money to keep the household intact. She will keep the 2nd key from any man of any affiliation. Filial or unfilial also never mind.

    2) Look at the divorce settlements. Woman gets paid for what she is.
    So in a tussle with any party, she will surely get to keep something, at least 50%. So half our reserves are protected.

    3) Look at the woman as a woman. She can play multiple roles. This characteristic is handy for her to handle proposition, opposition and supposition.

    4) Look at the shouting and crying abilities of a woman. If the other party is not in line, she just needs to shout and nag and nag. Finally to prevent from getting mad, all will just cave in to her. She can also deploy crying tactics - many variations e.g. sobbing, howling, cursing, screaming. Finally all will listen to her. This is perfect quality to hold the second key. The more the money, the stronger will be the grip.

    For the above compelling reasons, the President should be a woman. Look at Queen Elizabeth - long and perennial - no worries above Diana’s divorce, Camella’s assencion, Diana’s affairs, Sarah Ferguson’s divorce - all no problem.

    Everyone is entitled to wild? thoughts and here is one. Read the lines or in between. Find something in the truisms.:) May be not wild at all???:)

  14. cityhousefly Says:

    Now you can sing and dance this 超级白 song with MG Chan in YOUTUBE :

  15. ExoWraith Says:

    original song

    Katy Perry - Peacock

  16. kazuo Says:

    LOL, you sure you want to see LSL’s peacock? later a flap of skin only howl?

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  18. adelinelovesmrbrown&gang Says:

    & oh….
    ever since pay is in discussion about being cut, many, many ministers have disappeared, OUT OF SIGHT, out of sight from tv for more than 2weeks already?
    Any1 realize this too?
    No one working, except for Mr Thaman, Teo, Liu and 2 new BG ministers? & these appeared due to flash floods, dead teen, foreign diplomatic visits. hhhmmmm….
    The rest all have gone for holiday huh while their salaries are yet to be settled??
    No salary no work huh?

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