the mrbrown show: In a Fun Pack


Ok lah, here is the audio version of our Fun Pack Song too.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 28 July 2011: In a Fun Pack
Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 5mb, Time: 00:03:34)


9 Responses to “the mrbrown show: In a Fun Pack”

  1. Fun Packer Says:

    That is a very nice song; the biggest pity is that it’s not included in the NDP fun pack….. Thank you Mr Brown Show….. you guys really makes me wear a smile after listening to you and your gimmicks………..may Mr Brown Show last eternally………..

  2. James Says:

    When I tried to subscribe to the podcast, I got this error: The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the Singapore Store.

    Any problem? I have another computer which I have subscribed to Mr.Brown show and it has no problem downloading new episodes

  3. James Says:

    Also, I cannot even find the mrbrown show in iTunes store by search, does it mean mrbrown show is blocked?

  4. mb Says:

    James. To subscribe to the podcast in iTunes: Click on Advanced, select “Subscribe to Podcast”, enter

    I don’t know why it is no longer available on iTunes too. The mysteries of Apple are hard to fathom.

  5. James Says:

    Thanks MB, able to subscribe now.
    But how come only the last 6 episodes? In my old Macbook I have over 100 episodes.

  6. WYHE Says:

    Much better than the fun pack song…

  7. Esther Says:

    Is there any way we can download zip files with all your old podcasts in them (by year or all at once or something)? I’m going through a bad time, and your podcast keeps me going.

  8. mb Says:

    Hi Esther, I am afraid there is no way to host such a large zip file for download easily. You can still right-click and save the shows. Almost all are still in our server.

    Thanks for listening to our show!

  9. Moe Gan Thai Says:

    Hi Mr Brown, can u make a podcast of the ” Can not cook Curry show “.Thanks

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