the mrbrown show: music videos for versions 1 and 3 of “oh yeah”

You asked for it! Here we go, music videos for versions 1 and 3 of our YOG Oh Yeah tribute!

Version 1:

Version 3:

12 Responses to “the mrbrown show: music videos for versions 1 and 3 of “oh yeah””


    omg version 3 hillarious!!

  2. Dr Chan Says:

    Hahaha …. now that’s one “song” we can come up with without spending millions.

  3. Dragonball Z Says:


  4. unknown Says:


  5. Pizza Says:

    I suggest that you add in the lyrics. :D Thanks.

  6. 2ndHeaven Says:

    I’m so not proud to be a sinkapoorean.
    This song is too demoralizing to be an olympics theme song.

    I still prefer JJ singing
    “you think it’s perfect everything is so fine
    wait till you look it through your spiritual eyes
    you think it’s nice but please open your eyes
    this place is but a beautiful sty”

  7. aUriginal Says:

    Funny! … But why is Version 3 so blurry?

  8. angrytoad Says:

    wads the chord for this song ah?count on me singapore lol

  9. Gordon Says:

    Submit version 2 to the SSC to win a wii!

  10. Geekonomics Says:

    I almost fell off my chair listening to ver 3

  11. Knife Says:

    OMG version 3 is damn epic~

    If only you guys posted up the chords you used cause the acoustic songs are just really fun to learn

  12. janus Says:

    although yog is over, come to think of it, feet on the ground how to run??

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